Photolithography equipment is arguably the most technically advanced pieces of equipment in the entire chip manufacturing facility. Ventex has been successfully providing turnkey sales of lithography steppers since 1994. This is no easy task but demonstrates we are highly proficient in the areas of optics, robotics, control systems, lasers, computers and project management. Our expertise in all of these areas and the exacting nature of lithography has allowed us to branch out into other equipment in the fab and use our experience to deliver additional products to our customers.

Ventex is providing turnkey sales of the following Canon Photolithography products

Canon Steppers

  • FPA-1550Mk4W
  • FPA-2000i1
  • FPA-2500i2
  • FPA-2500i3
  • FPA-3000i4
  • FPA-3000iW
  • FPA-3000MR
  • FPA-3000i5
  • FPA-3000i5+
  • FPA-3000Ex4
  • FPA-3000Ex5
  • FPA-3000Ex6
  • FPA-5500iZ
  • FPA-5500iZ+
  • FPA-5510iZ